Preterm nutrition is a story of specialization


Since preterm babies start smaller, their "catch-up growth" will have to be faster than usual for the baby to become the same size as a full-term baby.

Babies born prematurely have specific nutritional needs throughout the first year as their bodies work hard to grow and develop. The right nutrition for premature babies helps them grow in ways you can see, such as weight, length, and head size. Nutrition is also vital for growth you can’t see.

Whether you choose to breastfeed or use baby formula, after leaving the hospital, most preemies will benefit from nutritional supplementation or a specialized formula with nutrients that support brain, muscle, bone, and organ growth, and development of a strong immune system.

Similac® NeoSure® is clinically shown to help with catch-up growth. It supports excellent growth during baby’s first year, providing increased protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals compared to term infant formula. This means extra calories for growth, as well as calcium and phosphorus for baby’s growing bones.

The fat blend in Similac NeoSure is 25% medium-chain triglycerides, an easily digested and well-absorbed fat source.

Similac NeoSure supports better gains in weight, length, and head circumference when compared to standard infant formula.

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