Comfort your baby by swaddling him, offering him a pacifier, or placing him in a baby swing or rocking device. If these efforts do not work, and you cannot find a reason for his discomfort, try:

  • Gently bouncing or walking him
  • Taking a car ride
  • Creating white noise (quiet music, vacuum cleaner)

Ask For Help

A good support system gives you a much-needed break when you’re overwhelmed by your baby’s crying.

  • Ask for help from your partner or a family member to get relief or sleep when you need it
  • If the crying makes you feel like you might lose control, calmly and safely place your baby in a crib, and step away briefly to collect your thoughts and calm down
  • Feeling overwhelmed is only temporary—never shake an infant

Remember, we’re always here for you! For live, one-on-one feeding support, call the Similac® FeedingExpert at 1-800-986-8800.


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