Healthy choices help make a healthy baby.

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The role of prenatal vitamins
Do you know the importance of prenatals? They should not (and cannot) replace a healthy diet. LEARN THE ROLE
Morning Sickness: Please make it stop
Learn some nutrition tricks to trick your body into feeling better. GET RELIEF NOW
Snack ideas for the mom on the go
Grab a handful of smarter, simpler, healthier snacking options. GET YOUR SNACK ON
Healthy options to combat your cravings
Four craving-busting strategies for substituting less healthy options with more nutritious choices. LEARN THE BASICS
Fiber facts: the benefits of dietary fiber
Getting your recommended daily amount of fiber is even more important when you’re pregnant. START DIGESTING
Here’s the skinny on pregnancy weight gain
It’s natural, normal, and healthy…until it’s not. Learn how to stay on track. GET THE SKINNY